About Us

66 Raw originally started in 2001 as the very first national broadcast uncensored & uncut hip hop channel in the entire US on XM Satellite Radio created by Leo “Leo G. The General” Pryor and Selena “Mz. Kitti” Jones. 66 Raw dominated the national US airwaves for 8 years straight with a reach of millions over traditional terrestrial radio stations that were mainly local.

In 2009, Sirius Satellite Radio acquired XM Satellite and with this acquisition, Sirius replaced most of the XM line up with their own and therefore 66 Raw was replaced by Shade 45 owned by rap superstar Eminem.

Shortly after, Leo G. partnered with Danny “Danny Blaq” Tran who has been integral in the independent entertainment and tech realm and one of 66RAW Radio's original XM Satellite DJ's Nate "WildChild DNA" Anderson who has been instrumental in breaking artist across the globe through the record industry, his mixtape series and decade long radio tenure to formulate a plan to take 66 Raw into their own independent ownership, allowing them to breakaway from the corporate grip that usually dictates what to program and how, removing the freedom to nurture and evolve ideas and support aspiring and new talent.

As with any completely independent start ups, transitions and growing pains were inevitable and it has been no different with 66 Raw. The music and entertainment game has changed which required 66 Raw to evolve. In 2015, 66 Raw moved its headquarters to Atlanta, GA from Baltimore, MD and restructured its platform to start focusing on the changes demanded in the music industry. In 2019 66Raw has re-emerged to serve the DMV market with a new studio location located in the Bowie, MD area.

Original 66RAW celebrity and award winning DJ  “WildChild DNA” oversees the music & programming of the platform and continues to evolve the platform to curate talent, music and creativity, unadulterated from corporate and mainstream influences with the assistance of  DJ Reece who overseas the technical side of the stations daily broadcast.

Our goal is to break new artist while creating, supporting and expanding the music, culture and lifestyle which is built of creative freedom and expression.